Edward Appleton blue plaque in Bradford
Edward Jacob white plaque in Faversham
George Godwin blue plaque in London
Thomas Lord and The M.C.C. grey plaque in London
John Hotham, Charles I of England, and Beverley Gate white plaque in Hull
George Cadbury and Richard Cadbury stone plaque in Birmingham
Hope Cottage bronze plaque in Sidmouth
Black plaque № 8256 in Weymouth
Blue plaque № 6168 in London
Blue plaque № 30222 in Eccles
Frederick Rowland Emett blue plaque in Birmingham
Blue plaque № 1598 in Birmingham
John Bowen blue plaque in Birmingham
George Morland blue plaque in Bognor Regis
Edmund Clifton Stoner blue plaque in Leeds
Brass plaque № 30045 in Great Ayton
Bill Clinton bronze plaque in Knutsford
Elizabeth Surtees and John Scott black plaque in Newcastle upon Tyne
Benjamin Britten blue plaque in London
Charles Edward Stuart black plaque in Lancaster

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