Jessie Matthews green plaque in London
first anaesthetic given in England blue plaque in London
Ordnance Survey bronze plaque in Southampton
Charles Stanhope blue plaque in London
Elizabeth II blue plaque in Christchurch
Grey plaque № 9196 in London
Edgar Wood green plaque in Middleton
Dame Oliver's Infant School, Samuel Johnson, and Anne Oliver stone plaque in Lichfield
Nell Gwynne blue plaque in London
John Gwynn bronze plaque in Worcester
Dante Gabriel Rossetti blue plaque in London
Henry Wills blue plaque in Bristol
Wystan Hugh Auden blue plaque in Birmingham
James Prince Lee blue plaque in Manchester
Leeds Grammar School, Edward Barry, William Nicholson, John Smeaton, and 3 others in Leeds
Belmont blue plaque in Sidmouth
Louis Paulhan blue plaque in Manchester
Caroline DeCamp Benn brown plaque in London
Isambard Kingdom Brunel red plaque in Bath
Peter Hennis blue plaque in Exeter

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