Anne Adeliza Evans black plaque in Newcastle Emlyn

Anne Adeliza Evans
Allen Raine
Author Awdur

Allen Raine was the pseudonym of the Welsh novelist Anne Adalisa Beynon Puddicombe (6 October 1836 – 21 June 1908).She was born Anne Adalisa Evans in Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire, the daughter of a lawyer Benjamin and Letitia Grace Evans. Her father was a lawyer and the grandson of David Davis (1745–1827); her mother was the granddaughter of Daniel Rowland. In 1849, she was sent to be educated with the family of a Unitarian minister, Henry Solly, at Cheltenham, and afterwards lived in the suburbs of London with her sister. Returning to Wales in 1856 she married the banker Beynon Puddicombe in April 1872; he was the foreign correspondent of Smith Payne's Bank, London. They lived in the London area until February 1900, when her husband became mentally ill. They retired to Bronmôr, Traethsaith in Cardiganshire until his death in 1906; she remained there until her death.

Source: dbpedia

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