Athina B bronze plaque in Brighton

The Athina B was beached in a storm at this point on the night of 21st January 1980. Her crew were successfully taken off without loss of life thanks to the bravery of the men of the Shoreham Lifeboat.
In a major salvage operation her cargo was discharged and the ship was refloated on the 17th February 1980.
The ship's anchor was presented by Medway Secondary Metals Limited in whose yard the ship was finally broken up

The Athina B was a merchant ship. On 21 January 1980 she suffered engine failure in bad weather and beached at the English seaside resort of Brighton, to the east of the town's Palace Pier. The ship was a temporary tourist attraction, with the Volk's Electric Railway opening out of season to cash in on the large number of sightseers. The anchor of the ship is on display on Brighton seafront. A restaurant in Brighton bears the name of the ship and a painting of Athena B by Dennis Roxby Bott is in Brighton Museum.

Source: dbpedia

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