Bessie Braddock and Ken Dodd bronze plaque in Liverpool

"Chance Meeting"
These sculptures were inspired by two legendary Liverpudlians.

Ken Dodd O.B.E.

One of Liverpool's greatest entertainers, bringing laughter and joy to millions for more than 50 years.

Bessie Braddock MP. 1899 - 1970.

Labour MP for Liverpool Exchange for over 24 years. She campaigned tirelessly to improve the conditions for her constituents. Awarded the Freedom of the City in 1970.

Unveiled by Ken Dodd in June 2009.

Sculptor Tom Murphy

Elizabeth Margaret Braddock (Bamber) JP (Liverpool, 24 September 1899 – 13 November 1970), known as Bessie Braddock, was a British Labour politician. Nicknamed 'Battling Bessie', she was an ardent socialist and fiery campaigner. Throughout her long political career, she took a passionate interest in matters relating to maternity, child welfare and youth crime. At her funeral in 1970, Harold Wilson said "She was born to fight for the people of the docks, of the slums, of the factories and in every part of the city where people needed help".

Source: dbpedia

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