Eddystone Lighthouse and John Smeaton bronze plaque in Plymouth

This plaque commemorates the 100th anniversary of the re-opening of Smeatons Eddystone Lighthouse on this site 24 September 1884. This plaque was unveiled by Councillor Peter Whitfeld Lord Mayor of Plymouth. on September 1984.

John Smeaton, FRS, (8 June 1724 – 28 October 1792) was an English civil engineer responsible for the design of bridges, canals, harbours and lighthouses. He was also a capable mechanical engineer and an eminent physicist. Smeaton was the first self-proclaimed civil engineer, and often regarded as the "father of civil engineering".He was associated with the Lunar Society.

Source: dbpedia

The Eddystone Lighthouse is on the dangerous Eddystone Rocks, 9 statute miles (14 km) south of Rame Head, United Kingdom. While Rame Head is in Cornwall, the rocks are in Devon and composed of Precambrian gneiss.The current structure is the fourth to be built on the site. The first and second were destroyed by storm and fire. The third, also known as Smeaton's Tower, is the best known because of its influence on lighthouse design and its importance in the development of concrete for building. Its upper portions have been re-erected in Plymouth as a monument.

Source: dbpedia

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