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The Holt Society

Founded 1965
For the Preservation
of the Georgian Centre of Holt

"Holt" is the Anglo-Saxon word for wood. The majority of settlements locally are of Anglo-Saxon origin,
others mainly being Roman or Viking. In 1086 Holt had an adult male population of 60 according to the Domesday Book.
By 2001 it had a total population of 3870.

Holts in Britain
Holt (St. Chad) - Denbighshire
Holt (St. James) - Dorset
Holt (St. Mary) - Leicestershire
Holt (St. Andrew) - Norfolk
Holt (St. Martin) - Worcestershire
Holt (St. Catherine) - Wiltshire

Holts in USA
Holt - Near Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Holt - Near Stockton, California
Holt - East of Pensacola, Florida
Holt - South of Lansing, Michigan
Holt - Near Kansas City, Missouri

Holt - North of Copenhagen

Presented by the Holt Society to commemorate the Millennium
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