Horace Ford green plaque in Cheltenham

Horace Ford, the greatest target archer of all times, founded Cheltenham Archers here in 1857. He was the father of modern archery changing a Victorian amusement into an Olympic sport.

Horace A. Ford (1822–1880) is known as one of the greatest target archers of all time. He first picked up the bow in 1845, and a mere four years later won the Grand National Archery Meeting held in the United Kingdom. He proceeded to win an unmatched, eleven consecutive championships, and a twelfth "comeback" win. His high score - that of 1271 in the Double York Round in 1857 - remained archery's high mark for over 70 years.He is the author of Archery: Its Theory and Practice, one of the all-time classics of archery.Several members of his family were good cricketers, including Francis Ford. His father was solicitor and bill discounter George Samuel Ford.Ford owned, in partnership with his father and brother, the Bryndu Colliery from 1842 and was a director of the Bristol and South Wales Railway Waggon Company (Limited).Ford died in Bath, England on the 24 June 1880.

Source: dbpedia

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