John Nevison blue plaque in Pontefract

Nevison's Leap Named after John or William Nevison 1639-1685, a notorious highwayman reputed to have leapt on horseback across the then narrower road cutting to escape his pursuers. Dick Turpin's ride from London to York was in fact a feat of Nevison's.

John Nevison (1639 – 4 May 1684), also known as William Nevison, was one of Britain's most notorious highwaymen, a gentleman rogue supposedly nicknamed Swift Nick by King Charles II after a renowned 200-mile (320 km) dash from Kent to York to establish an alibi for a robbery he had committed earlier that day. The story inspired William Harrison Ainsworth to include a modified version in his novel Rookwood, in which he attributed the feat to Dick Turpin. There are suggestions that the feat was actually undertaken by one Samuel Nicks.

Source: dbpedia

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