Nigel Gresley blue plaque in Netherseal

Sir Nigel Gresley 1876 - 1941 pioneering railway engineer designed the Mallard and Flying Scotsman steam locomotives. Advanced the modernisation of Britain's railway network. Spent his childhood at this refectory.

Sir Herbert Nigel Gresley (19 June 1876 – 5 April 1941) was one of Britain's most famous steam locomotive engineers, who rose to become Chief Mechanical Engineer (CME) of the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER). He was the designer of some of the most famous steam locomotives in Britain, including the LNER Class A1 and LNER Class A4 4-6-2 Pacific engines. An A1 pacific, Flying Scotsman, was the first steam locomotive officially recorded over 100 mph in passenger service, and an A4, number 4468 Mallard, still holds the record for being the fastest steam locomotive in the world (126 mph).Gresley's engines were considered elegant, both aesthetically and mechanically. His invention of a three-cylinder design with only two sets of Walschaerts valve gear, the Gresley conjugated valve gear, produced smooth running and power at lower cost than would have been achieved with a more conventional three sets of Walschaerts gear.

Source: dbpedia

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