Simon de Montfort grey plaque in Lewes

Battle of Lewes 1264
On 14th May 1264 Simon de Montfort's army of
5000 Barons and Londoners defeated royalist
forces of twice that size under Henry III on
the Downs northwest of Lewes. The Mise of Lewes, signed next day led to the first
English parliament meeting
at Westminster 20th
January, 1266.
This viewing platform was erected by Lewes Town Council and unveiled by the Mayor
Councillor R.H Yarrow M.B.E.
on 14th May 1985.

Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester (1208? – 4 August 1265), also called Simon de Munford and sometimes referred to as Simon VI de Montfort to distinguish him from other Simons de Montfort, was a French nobleman who inherited the title and estates of the earldom of Leicester in England. He led the rebellion against King Henry III of England during the Second Barons' War of 1263–4, and subsequently became de facto ruler of England. During his rule, de Montfort called two famous parliaments. The first stripped the king of unlimited authority, the second included ordinary citizens from the towns. For this reason, Montfort is regarded today as one of the progenitors of modern parliamentary democracy. After a rule of just over a year, Montfort was killed by forces loyal to the king in the Battle of Evesham.

Source: dbpedia

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