South Cocoa Block brushed metal plaque in Birmingham

South Cocoa Block
This interesting corner of the Bournville site combine the latest technology with traditional chocolate making skills.
'South Cocoa' was the area in which cocoa beans were once processed and the powder refined and packaged into famous
products such as Cadbury's Cocoa Essence. It now houses Cadbury's latest chocolate plant, with machines capable of
wrapping 20,000 bars an hour.
This sophisicated plant produces chocolate bars of all shapes and sizes including 'Fruit & Nut', 'Whole Nut', and many
other favourites using ingrediants from all over the World - rasins from California, nuts from Turkey and cocoa beans from
West Africa.
The production area on your right is known as the 'Chocolate Block' where 'Bournville' - Cadbury's smooth,
sophisticated, dark chocolate - is manufactured.
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