David Gestetner (1854-1939)

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David Gestetner (March 20, 1854, Csorna, Hungary – March 8, 1939, London) was the inventor of the Gestetner stencil duplicator, the first piece of office equipment that allowed production of numerous copies of documents quickly and inexpensively. He was awarded the John Scott Medal of The Franklin Institute in 1888. On March 14, 2011, he received a Blue Plaque on his home at 124 Highbury New Park. This was presented by David's Great-Great grandchildren Harry Gestetner, 12 (made a speech) & Henrietta Hodgson, 13. Harry Gestetner said he had previously done a school project in Arnold House School on the life and works of David Gestetner and said that he had an original Gestetner, but had never used it before.

Source: dbpedia

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