John Bowes Morrell (1873-1963)

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See also Jack B. Morrell, historian of scienceJohn Bowes ('J.B.') Morrell (1873–1963) was a York author and historian. He was twice Lord Mayor of York, a leading figure in the local movement to establish a university in York, and founder of the York Conservation Trust. The "JBM Library" at the University of York is named after him. He joined Rowntree's Cocoa Works when he was 17, becoming Director at 25. He was Mayor of York in 1914 and again in 1950.He helped found the University of York and the Borthwick Institute for Archives. He bought many newspapers, including the Birmingham Gazette, Lincolnshire Chronicle, and Westminster Press.He wrote books, especially about York which he loved; e.g. 'York Monuments', and 'Woodwork at York'. He was made an Honorary Freeman of the City of York, given honorary degrees to Universities, and declined a knighthood.

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